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Academic Integrity Types Of Academic Dishonesty And...

Academic Integrity: Types of academic dishonesty and prevention methods Chetan Muppaneni Webster University Academic Integrity: Types of academic dishonesty and prevention methods Abstract This paper discusses the different types of academic dishonesty and the prevention measures that are taken to maintain academic integrity. The need of following the codes/rules of the institutions and to promote the academic integrity is mainly on the students and the faculty. The paper discusses in-depth about how the academic dishonesty can be done as in the different approaches by the students in breaking the rules and doing unethical things. It tells about my personal incident with academic integrity, how it happened and what measures will I take to maintain academic integrity in the future. Academic Integrity: Types of academic dishonesty and prevention methods Introduction Institutions always want to maintain academic integrity among their students and educate the students to gain knowledge and enrich themselves in their career. Most institutions consider academic integrity as a mission to accomplish to maintain the standards of the university. Nowadays, academic dishonesty is being easily done in institutions through various methods, which has become a problem for the universities. Maintaining academic honesty too has become a big task for the institutions leading them in implementing different methods to stop the act. Students, Faculty shouldShow MoreRelatedPlagiarism : What Is Plagiarism?1583 Words   |  7 Pagesenvironmental and educational background. Plagiarism is a form of an academic dishonesty, academic misconduct, and a digital cheating. It is declared to be an unacceptable legal act and institutional regulations. And universities, schools, and instructors do not only need to decrease plagiarism, but they must also affect positively on stud ents writings, increase the understanding of how to use digital technology to facilitate their academic writing. Where plagiarism can be included? †¢ In written assignmentRead MorePlagiarism And Academic Dishonesty Prevention Over Detection And Punishment1614 Words   |  7 PagesProblem 8: Please speculate on why we decided to make a problem set on academic honesty. I feel this problem set was designed to target plagiarism/academic dishonesty prevention over detection and punishment. Answering the questions in the problem set would ensure the following things: 1. Students understand the meaning of cheating and plagiarism and how to avoid it. 2. Students are clear about the expectations of the class. 3. Students understand the importance of honesty and personal developmentRead MoreInternet And Plagiarism : An Ethical And Legal Issue2682 Words   |  11 PagesPlagiarism and the Internet. a. Students turn towards the Internet for research. b. Analysis on plagiarism and plagiarists. c. Plagiarism affects the student, the institution, and society. 4. Preventing plagiarism. a. The academic integrity in institutions and the need to make them known. b. Revising school policies so they are up to date. c. Instructors are able to detect plagiarism with the use of unique programs. 5. Conclusion. Research Paper: Internet and Plagiarism:Read MoreTechnology Plagiarism Essay1934 Words   |  8 Pageson behalf of the student, including plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism occurs when someone uses someone elses words or ideas and claims them as their own. This is becoming more common in competitive, online classes as students strive for academic success. Students are utilizing technology to commit plagiarism in a variety of ways, ranging from copying files from a friend or online source, to buying a paper online. In the same way that students can use technology to find assignment ideasRead MoreALIGN ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES WITH THE ISLLC STANDARD1549 Words   |  7 Pagesdeveloped within myself. I think that integrity and fairness / integrity and honesty attributes should be on every list that we have seen. Clearly, this alignment is critical in any leadership situation and in the classroom. For example, classroom conversation is one of the most effective preventions to academic dishonesty. There is no substitute for faculty members engaging students in dialogues about the importance of integrity and honesty in their academic, personal, and professional livesRead MoreDepression and Anxiety2138 Words   |  9 PagesRunning Head: Depression and Anxiety Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety amongst College Students Presented in partial fulfillment for Research Methods Florida Gulf Coast University College of Health Professions Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety amongst College Students College represents a form of higher learning. For many, it is also a time for personal growth as we transition into adulthood. This in itself is a stressful situation as one must make drastic adjustments to a new role, environmentRead MorePlagiarism in Online Education Essays1923 Words   |  8 Pageswith all of the information that is readily available on the internet, and many students opting to obtain education from online colleges and universities, the prevalence of plagiarism is on the rise. In a 2005 study conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity (, it was concluded that 40% of the 50,000 undergraduates asked admitted to having plagiarized from the internet. This is a very large jump over a span of six years, from only 10% in 1999 (Badke, 2007). It is becomingRead MoreCourses Essay3433 Words   |  14 Pagesis my own work. I received no assistance from any other individual, commercial entity, or unauthorized source. Suspected violations of the academic integrity policy of the University of Maryland University College will be processed in accordance to the Procedures for Handling Charges of Alleged Academic Dishonesty outlined in Policy 150.25 - Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism ( In typing my name following the word Signature, I intend that this certificationRead MoreEthical Misconduct7357 Words   |  30 PagesDESPITE AN INCREASE IN the number of formal ethics programs in the workplace, ethical misbehavior is on the rise. According to a recent survey by the Ethics Resource Center (ERC), more than half of 3,000 U.S. workers polled have observed at least one type of ethical misconduct in the past year. The 2005 National Business Ethics Survey (NBES) sought workers opinions on workplace ethics trends, the implementation and impact of formal programs, the ethical culture of organizations, and factors thatRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography: Plagiarism39529 Words   |  158 PagesBuckwalter, J. A., Wright, T., Mogoanta, L. and Alman, B. (2012), Plagiarism: An assault on the integrity of scientific research. J. Orthop. Res., 30:  1867 1868. Granitz, N. and Loewy, D. (2007). Applying Ethical Theories: Interpreting and Responding to Student Plagiarism. Journal of Business Ethics, 72(3), 293-306. Luke, B. and Kearins, K. (2012), Attribution of words versus attribution of responsibilities: Academic plagiarism and university practice. Vaccine, 30(50): 7131-7133. Rushby, N. (2013), Plagiarism

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Why I Choose It As My College - 1391 Words

The University of Albany is State University, which is located in Albany, New York. This university offers many different majors and programs. The University has many sports for both men and women besides the sports there are clubs anyone from the school can join. It offers a big campus where most of its activities and events. In this Essay I will discuss information about Albany and why I choose it as my college. The University of Albany founded on1844, as a normal school. It trained teachers to increase the population of teachers. It offered a two-year education to students across the state for 50 years. In 1890 the school had to do some improving and it added a four-year education program, new curricula, new faculty, and new†¦show more content†¦The University wants everyone to be united and experience new programs and to gain experience. Experience doesn’t just come from career goals, but from the environment, someone is nurtured in. The University of Albany wants to give the students a chance to get involved with others students. The university is home to 200 clubs and organizations, 19 division 1 athletics teams which students can participate or be a part of. The clubs offered ranges from political and government, clubs to cultural or religious-affiliated organizations, as well as an on-campus radio station. The office of Campus Recreation makes sure that the students stay active and are involved. The University of Albany wants to provide the students the best and safest place to be educated. So Albany has on and off campus housing, which can be set up once the student has been fully signed up and ready to attend. On campus housing allows for students to room with others while being on the university grounds it makes it convenient for students to get to classes faster. Freshman who is joining gets set up either on the Indian Quad or State Quad. The Indian Quad is the eight buildings surrounding the tower, which provides a traditional resid ence hall environment and the State Quad is the residence halls where are all suite style housing, which consists of 1 to 3 bedrooms that share a â€Å"suite† and a bathroom. Living on campus forShow MoreRelatedSelecting The Right College : An Electronic Guide For Counselors And Students936 Words   |  4 Pages Choosing a College is an important decision for a first year college student and most students may not know which is the right school for them. The two literature review article that I have chosen is â€Å" Selecting the Right College: An Electronic Guide for Counselors and Students† by Markham B. Schack and the second one is â€Å"The Guidance Counselor’s Role in Advising College-Bound Students† by Samuel Brodbelt and the last one is â€Å"The College Search Process: Finding the Right College Match† by MichaelRead MoreShould College Be A Mandatory Educational Experience? Essay929 Words   |  4 PagesCollege is often advertised as a ma ndatory educational experience before being able to acquire basic needs in today’s society, which, isn’t true. That doesn’t mean college shouldn’t be attended, but college doesn’t always live up to expectations and there are other ways to attain knowledge on any career you strive to succeed in. In addition there are opportunities to obtain stable income. After comprehending readings from various authors and analyzing statements from my interviewee OkosiodaRead MoreShould College Be College?845 Words   |  4 Pagesattend college to further their education and obtain a degree. Many of these students have their own purpose for coming to college, most would assume they come to college to get a degree in order to get a job. Some go to college for other reasons, or a combination of reasons. One’s purpose should only be defined by the individual themselves and shouldn’t be assigned to them. This goes the same for making the decision to go to college, one should choose whether they want to attend college. When I madeRead MoreEssay on Choosing a Major1596 Words   |  7 Pagesthat you do get an education in college. Many colleges pride themselves on developing well-rounded students, and yet they make it mandatory for each student to choose one field of specified study. This seems to contradict the whole well-rounded idea. Education cant be confined to just academics. In fact, here is how the di ctionary defines academics very learned but inexperienced in practical matters, conforming to the traditions or rules of a school. I dont want to be considered inexperiencedRead MoreWhy I Am I Here989 Words   |  4 PagesWhy am I here? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since I’ve been here. I’m spending almost thirty grand on four classes, a dorm, a meal plan, and etc. Sometimes I question myself whether thirty grand is worth my time but I’m here to get an education from a good university. Though it’s still a lot of money that I don’t have. Though I am here undecided, I am looking to choose a vocational or a degree career will help me become succesful in the future.   Gary Gutting Wrote, â€Å"What is CollegeRead MoreEssay On Organizing Classes1121 Words   |  5 PagesElective Courses: Capitalizing or Not? Not all the courses that you choose in your college count towards your degree program. You are expected to take some courses that are outside the curriculum. The question then arises as to why take the courses when it has nothing to do with the major? Is it worthy? If it is, when will it come in use? If not, why are students wasting their time on such subjects? Why are they not spending this time better elsewhere? Generally, people think that taking coursesRead MoreThe Day For Air Conditioned Spaces922 Words   |  4 Pagesair-conditioned spaces while I‘m sweating my buttocks off down in the engine room?† The ET replies â€Å"Choose your rate, choose your fate.† It is one of our favorite sayings in the enlisted Navy. It has just enough truth to be annoying. The Navy s enlisted ranks are subdivided into occupational skills groups that we call ratings. Examples of these enlisted ratings include EN or Engineman and ET or Electronic Technician. When enlisting in the Navy you choose an occupational field you think you wouldRead MoreThe Process And The Plan957 Words   |  4 PagesAfter I went to talk to the advisor, I realized the process and the plan are very important to attend in college because the advisor wants us to plan out and decide which field you will go in the future. That makes us easily to follow what we need to attend in college. They don’t want us to waste time and get lost on the direction we want to go. Luckily, I always decide the path I will go when I go to college because I don’t want to have anything new make me nervous at the first time. I planed outRead MoreThe Pursuit Of A College Degree1003 Words   |  5 PagesThe pursuit of a college degree is, in fact, a significant element that can improve one’s life, which will relieve the government and improve the economy. The more people do not rely on government aid, the higher the chance the economy can get out of debt. A good majority of jobs in the jo b market require its employees to have some sort of college education: Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or a Doctoral Degree. Today, a Bachelor’s degree is not efficient enough to get or keepRead MoreWhy I Am A Lawyer Essay1385 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I was growing up I spent most of my time in a lawyer’s office with my grandparents to try to free my father from the terrible crimes he committed. Every case we had we lost and I felt like I could set him free if I became a lawyer. While I continued to grow up I figured out why every case was lost and my father should stay in prison, but that did not change my mind about being a lawyer. I learned more about becoming a lawyer and the hard work I had to put into it; I was very excited. When I

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The Case Of Integrity Staffing And Relationships Between...

Laws are an important part of our lives that can either protect us or hurt us depending on what we are trying to do and what we want. A law is system of rules that is designed to regulate actions and relationships between people. Laws are generally created for the benefit of the whole and for the right treatment of people. There are not always clear laws about every issue and when people feel like they have been treated wrong they can sue someone in a court to establish justice. Courts have jurisdiction which is power to make legal decisions. Workers at the Amazon warehouses were upset by the unpaid screening at the end of their shifts which resulted in many lawsuits against the company’s policies. Many of workers at the Amazon’s†¦show more content†¦Busk, like many other workers, felt that he was treated wrong while the company wanted to maximize production at minimum the costs. In this case Busk is the plaintiff who filed a complaint against Integrity Staffing Solutions who is the defendant. The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right to a jury trial which led Busk’s 2010 claim into trial over the unpaid screenings. The case lasted a long time and in that time reached appeal court and later the Supreme Court. During this time many similar allegations occurred by Amazon warehouse workers and their cases were put on hold waiting for the decision of the Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk case. Similar cases against different companies will also be affected by this court decision. When Busk decided to sue Integrity Staffing Solutions he got a lawyer who was familiar with the processes and could help him navigate through all the steps. To start, there are two types of court systems: state which consists of trial courts and appellate courts and federal which holds the highest court U. S. Supreme Court. Busk’s case was big and would affect many workers so the case went to the federal court system. The appellate court has decided for the case of Busk v. Integrity to go on further and it reached the Supreme Court where the final ruling will take place. The federal court system deals with cases that involve laws,

The Not So Great Gatsby Essay Research free essay sample

The Not So Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper The Superficial Gatsby In the novel entitled The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is at times made out to be better than us. At first glimpse he is sophisticated, utilizing large words and claiming that he is an Oxford adult male. But when we look closer we can easy see that this adult male is a travesty. Much of this adult male has been shrouded in enigma. We know really small about his yesteryear until later in the book. We don t cognize where he was born, who his parents are, or where all of his money came from. He often disappears signifier Nick s position apparently without a hint. All of these things make him out to be person of existent importance but by looking closely we can garner an copiousness of grounds to the contrary. We see that he is merely a adult male looking for the lost love of his life, Daisy. He is a adult male looking for the American dream and when he does non happen it, we see at last that he is merely like the remainder of us. The word great is slightly obscure in intending. Whether person is great or non frequently times depends on the individual judging them. My personal beliefs every bit far as illustriousness are concerned are non really complicated. When I think of person who is or was great, I think of Jackie Robinson, Louis Armstrong, and Albert Einstein. These are all people who affected the manner we live and have changed our society as a whole for the better. My parents are great ; my instructors are great, and my managers are great. All of those people have a batch of influence straight over me and they are ever altering me for the better. A genuinely great individual has to do forfeits and be really courageous. Jackie Robinson was the first black individual to come in the major conferences. To confront the sort of racism that he faced and still execute the manner he did is a effort chapeau I don t think I could make. His courage and grace under force per unit area has earned him a topographic p oint among the greats. He is a fantastic illustration of illustriousness, and there are many more like him. Not everyone has the same sort of criterion for illustriousness as I do. Another portion of being great is turning up from an destitute background. Some people, like the two childs who murdered 13 childs at Littleton High, think that Hitler was a great adult male. Some people think that Stalin and Milosevic are great. These dictators did non lift to power without support from other people. Peoples fought and died for these autocrats because ( most times ) they thought they were great. It is my belief that Daisy led Gatsby on. She turned out to be a contemptible individual who merely used to love him but lacked the strength of character to state him that. In chapter seven Daisy Tells Tom that she neer loved him but she ends up ditching Gatsby for him. She is excessively easy pushed around by Tom. If she had told him that earlier possibly he would hold listened to her and done something else with his life. He has the possible to be really great. He had the character traits of a good leader. He was really magnetic, and thought things out carefully before leaping into them. We know he could hold been a good leader because of his experience in the ground forces. If he d lived on he d have been a great adult male. A adult male like James J. Hill. He d of helped construct up the state ( 176 ) . But when he truly thought that he could acquire at Daisy, he went after her and in the procedure changed some lives but non needfully for the better. Daisy will neer bury what Gatsby did for her in taking the incrimination for Myrtle s decease. Nick found out that possibly it is impossible to accomplish that American dream. There are a batch of topographic points where Gatsby could be considered a great adult male. In chapter three we find out that he throws partie s for people he does non even know on a regular footing. He gives them nutrient and vino and something that will do their lives a little more gratifying if merely for for one dark. He besides buys a miss he does non cognize good an eventide frock to have on to his parties.He is for the most portion a really sort individual. It is a shame that he had a really fly-by-night yesteryear otherwise he might hold had a existent nice funeral with a batch of people alternatively of merely his pa, Nick, and Owl eyes. He is merely non great in my sense of the word.He touched the lives of a batch of people but non in the manner people like Einstein or Robinson changed them. Where Einstein wrote the book on modern natural philosophies and Jackie Robinson changed the manner baseball is played everlastingly, Gatsby merely does small things like throwing parties, which is a nice thing to make, but it doesn t even compare to what Einstein and Robinson did. Another portion of being great is non holding to conceal your yesteryear. There are a batch of parts of the book in which we see the bogus life he has made for himself. In chapter three when Nick is in the library with owl eyes we see that all of his books are still untrimmed. This leads me to believe that he has non truly read any of them. Besides he changed his name from Gatz to Gatsby. He buys things like his swimming pool that he neer even uses. Almost every portion of his life is a prevarication made up by him so he can take the life of Jay Gatsby. All of this lying makes him out to more of a deceitful character that a great 1. All of it is a travesty put on by him to affect a adult female that he will neer acquire. A truly great individual confronts their yesteryear, even if it is a bad one, and they come to footings with it. Jay Gatsby has non done that. He keeps his prevarication traveling to the really terminal. More than merely lying, a large portion of desiring to get marr ied Daisy was to acquire at her money. That is one of the most ugly Acts of the Apostless I can believe of. Though I do non see him as great, I do see Gatsby as a tragic character. All he wants was to acquire this miss and her money. He was in chase of the America dream and when he knew eventually that he could neer hold it, he was shot and killed by Wilson. If he had lived he might hold moved on and done something truly great with his life. Obviously Gatsby doesn T truly fall into my definition because he has non truly changed anybodys life in a manner that is similar to the illustrations supra. He has nevertheless changed lives. He changed Nick s life by being a friend and leting him to watch as Gatsby ran after the American dream. He changed Daisy s life by loving her and making the best he could to acquire her dorsum. Daisy s job is that she is pushed around a small excessively easy and merely like that she apparently forgets everything between Gatsby and herself. But being a great individual is more than merely those few things. Bing a great individual means being great and populating up to that criterion for most of your life. Most truly great people continue to run into the criterion of being great for a long clip. That is portion of what makes them so great. Jay Gatsby has turned his past life in to a fraud. Jay Gatsby who, for his ain intents, would interrupt up a matrimony. These are non traits of a genuinely g reat man.Then we come to the inquiry: Why? Why would Fitzgerald call the book The Great Gatsby? I believe it is because Nick is the storyteller and does see him as great. When I was finished reading this novel I did non come off believing non believing belly laugh that adult male was truly great. I came off thought ( among other things ) wow that rubric is non accurate because there is an copiousness of grounds to the contrary even when it is presented by a storyteller that thinks he is great. I believe that is what Fitzgerald wanted us to believe ( among other things ) .

African American Heritage In Chicago Essay Example For Students

African American Heritage In Chicago Essay A History of African American Heritage in Chicago The massive exodus to the north began in 1915; a population of people weary of pervasive hostility and constraint in their former lives, fleeing a social system comprised of miserable oppression and repeated violence. The primary cities for resettlement became New York and Chicago, metropolises humming with the vigor of big-city life and the excitement of a new beginning. When the Chicago Commission asked African American migrants in interviews on Race Relations in 1922 why they came to Chicago, responses were similar. ?Im looking for better wages.? ?I wanted to get away from the South, and to earn more money.? ?I wanted to better my living conditions. ? One man, when asked what his first impression of Chicago was, responded ?When I got here and got on the street cars and saw colored people sitting by white people all over the car I just held my breath, for I thought that any minute they would start something, then I saw nobody noticed it, and I just thought this was a real place for colored people.? And life was good; if not ideal it was better than the disparaging environment of their prior residence in the South. This migration coincided with the War. Job opportunities sprang up everywhere as demand increased for more goods and services, and suddenly in 1920 the Negro population of Chicago had soared from 44,103 in 1915 to 109,594. The Illinois Central Railroad brought hundreds on free transportation, on the premise that they would employ their company. The Negro employment rate skyrocketed; the most popular jobs lying within the iron foundries, food products manufacturing, the tanneries, and the mail order industry. The majority of blacks coming from the south settled in a limited area known as the South Side. Named the ?black belt of the city,? it was the most concentrated area of the African American population of the time. The difficulty of finding residence in the other parts of the city and the abundance of vacant houses aided in this settlement of the South Side. However, as deep-seated racial prejudice was still running rampant throughout the nation, loud protests erupted and whites quickly abandoned residential areas populated by blacks. Underlying racial hostility between blacks and whites was unfortunately gaining momentum. On July 27, 1919, this animosity was demonstrated in a terrible week of rioting beginning with the drowning of African-American youth Eugene Williams off a Lake Michigan beach. This event was a catalyst for a weeklong violent, bloody warfare. As black workers walked or rode the streetcars west and arrived to begin their shifts at the Stockyards, they were met by angry mobs of white gangs and workers, who attacked them mercilessly and drove them off. The mobs were beyond control. African American community members armed themselves and prepared to defend themselves and their homes against armed white gangs who tore into their neighborhood. The end of the week concluded in death tolls of 23 blacks and 15 whites, 157 persons being injured. The Chicago Commission on Race Relations was established soon after these staggering race riots, to study the roots and causes of the conflict. Their report on Chicago in 1992, with interviews of hundreds of black Chicago citizens, provided an insightful window into the race problem in the North, which attention was being drawn to due to the Great Migration. States the Chicago Commission on Race Relations in the document The Negro in Chicago, ?Both races need to understand that their rights and duties are mutual and equal, and that their interests in the common good are identical: that relations of amity are the only protection against race clashes; that these relations cannot be forced, but will come naturally as the leaders of each race develop within their own ranks a realization of the gravity of this problem and a vital interest in its solution, and an attitude of confidence, res pect, and friendliness toward the people of the other race. .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .postImageUrl , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:hover , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:visited , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:active { border:0!important; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:active , .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ueb36d021e742a79717b693446deae6ab:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Parisian buses Essay? The conflicts between blacks and whites have since subsided a great amount, but residue from the memories of violence and hatred still prevails. It will be a momentous day when we can be united as one indiscriminate, unbiased race, but that day has yet to come.

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Fuel Consumption Problems and Solutions Essay Example

Fuel Consumption Problems and Solutions Paper With an average of 755 cars for every 1000 people, the United States of America ensures more gasoline than South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia combined (Source: Energy Information Agency) ! Modern world get well more than of its energy from fossil fuels, major part Of it is Oil. We use Oil everywhere, from lipstick and painkillers to gasoline and tires. Almost everything that we use on daily basis is made out Of OiL According to the EIA, over 60% Of world transportation is ran on oil based fuels. How much longer can we consume the resource until we run out of it? If someday we run out of oil, I think that the world should be prepared! Gasoline is a petroleum-delivered liquid that is used in internal combustion engines which are used in almost every type petrifactions. Over the years, the consumption of gasoline is increasing, while the sources are exhausting. Many geologists propose that most of the sources of oil on Earth have reached so-called peak oil which is the point where the amounts of oil produced start to decline. American Association to Petroleum Geologists provides a good example of the peak, In 1861, oil derrick called Monoclinic #1 produced SO barrels of oil daily. We will write a custom essay sample on Fuel Consumption Problems and Solutions specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Fuel Consumption Problems and Solutions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Fuel Consumption Problems and Solutions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In 2006, 145 years later, it produced 1 barrel a day. This example shows that everything has a limit, Peak oil is also what causes dramatic price changes n gasoline around the world. In 2000, one gallon of gasoline cost $1. 35 (EIA), right novo its $3. 79 and it keeps on going up. Peak oil in the United States also caused the increase of import of the oil from foreign countries. I believe that instead of consuming more and more every year, and increasing the import of gasoline, not only the LLC. S. , but the whole planet should limit themselves in consumption and find new ways to power their vehicles. The first solution that Id like to propose is stimulating people to purchase vehicles with hybrid engines. In past two years, the automobile companies have been working very hard to create hybrid powered vehicles that will save as much gasoline as possible. The concept Of hybrid engines is simple and effective. The hybrid engine consists Of two parts: small gasoline powered engine and electric battery that is charged by the wheel rotation. In 201 1, the average miles per gallon ratio was about forty five which is almost twice less than Nan-hybrid cars consume (http://www. Greenbrier_com), But only 2. 6% of Americans own at least one hybrid vehicle which does not do enough impact on the consumption problem. In my opinion, this is where the government needs to step in. We need radical changes in vehicle production. First thing that the government needs to do is Start stimulating people to buy electric powered vehicles by giving out loans, grants, or any extra money towards the purchase Of the vehicles. Another thing that would help the problem is allowing people to trade in their old, gasoline powered vehicles for hybrid vehicles at little, or no cost. The cars that are traded in can be recycled and the material can be used in the production of hybrid cars. Another great source of energy is the sun light. For many years, people used solar energy to power different electric devices or even entire houses. Some automobile companies attempted to produce a vehicle that would run entirely on solar energy. It worked perfectly fine during summer due to the sun activity, hut when it came to storing the energy, they faced problems. Solar energy takes a lot of space to store. Solar batteries are also very expensive. To find the solution to this issue, I have talked to one of the students at Thiele College. His name is Benjamin Hellene-Burros. Ben was a part of a research group called Solar Hydrogen Activity Research Kit (ShARK). The main goal of the ShARK is to find an inexpensive way to store the solar energy, Ben believes that if the program is well funded, the solution might e found. The last solution that Id like to propose is promoting alternative fuels. There are many substances on our planet that, potentially, could substitute gasoline as the main type of fuel in the world. The IIS News article called *The Pros and Cons of 8 Green Fuels, Rick Newman describes different types of alternative fuels. According to him, top three green fuels are bodiless, hydrogen, and corn ethanol. Bodiless is derived from vegetable oil, animal fat, and even used cooking Oil! Unlike most Other alternative fuels, bodiless does not require major changes in the vehicle, as long as its powered with a diesel engine. It is fully renewable and relatively clean burning product. Comparing to any Other alternative fuel, bodiless is used by many people around the world. There are many gas stations that have a bodiless pumps such as Exxon and Mobile Fuels. But the only way for bodiless to work without any issues is if its pure, which is not how its sold at gas stations. Because of the high cost, its usually mixed with regular diesel. Such mix tends to damage engines and fuel pumps of the vehicles, (U. S. News) Hydrogen can be extracted from water or natural gas. During the process of the extraction, hydrogen and oxygen convert into electricity. Unlike bodiless, hydrogen is not used widely due to the problem of storage, In order to use it as fuel, hydrogen needs to be kept Lender high pressure at all times. (U. S. News) Corn ethanol is a pretty common fuel as its mixed with most types of gasoline at any gas station. The concentration of ethanol can reach up to 85%, but it still needs gasoline on order to combustion, Ethanol is extracted from corn which grows widely in the United States. Just like the bodiless it is fully renewable. The only problem faith corn ethanol is that it doesnt provide as much energy as gasoline goes, therefore its less efficient. IS. S. News) All these solutions have been discussed by many research groups and politicians. But Id like propose something they do not talk about. Henry Ford and Rudolf Diesel designed their first engines to run on the most organic and efficient fuel on the planet hemp. Up until 1937, citizens of the United States were allowed to grow hemp and take advantage Of this great material. Poor hundreds Of years, hemp was used in almost everything. Food, clothing, medicine, fiber, fuel, and many more things were made out Of hemp. It is fully renewable and recyclable. It grows at a very fast rate producing up to 25 tons per hectare per year! In my opinion, hemp is the solution to the problem Of dependence on fossil fuels. If we grow hemp on as little as six percent of the U. S. Territory. We can stop using fossil fuels once and for all. The only issue with hemp is that growing it is illegal! The best material on the planet is the illegal one. Its a complete nonsense! The advocates against hemp argue that it can be used as a drug, but this information is not proven, Hemp contains almost no ETC, which is the chemical that gets, people who smoke it, high.

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NATO From Creation to Current Status

NATO From Creation to Current Status Abstract The paper discusses NATO which is a major military alliance among European States, the US and Canada. It highlights the historical context, which led to the formation of NATO. The history of the alliance is broken down into three major phases: the Cold War era, the Post Cold War, and the Post 9/11.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on NATO: From Creation to Current Status specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The paper reviews how NATO reinvented itself following the collapse of the Soviet Union and embarked on a successful enlargement process. The various issues that have faced the organization since its creation are discussed and its future estimated. The paper concludes by noting that NATO is a relevant security apparatus today and still serves as the best instrument for combating the security threats of the 21st century. Introduction The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is rightfully regarded as the world s most powerful military alliance. The organization was founded in 1949 with the primary objective of protecting Western Europe and the US from Soviet aggression. The alliance was able to successfully achieve this goal and additionally ensure that no military rivalries emerge in the region. Following the end of the Cold War, the Soviet threat was neutralized and the alliance had to reinvent itself in order to remain relevant. It did this by expanding its role and increasing its membership. This paper will set out to provide a detailed research of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization with focus given to the creation and purpose of this alliance. A review of how the organization has expanded over the years and the role it has played will be provided to demonstrate that NATO is still a valid security apparatus in world today. Origins of NATO A significant outcome of the World War II was the emergence of the United States of America and the Soviet Union as the two world super powers. While these countries had fought as allies in the war, their political differences pitted them against each other in the postwar years. There was concern that the Soviet Union would make use of her considerable power to influence politics in Europe (Trachtenberg, 1999). The weakened postwar Europe would not be able to resist this Soviet threat. The US proposed to help bolster West Europe’s military capability by the formation of an alliance. NATO, therefore, began as a mutual defense pact among ten Western European countries, the US and Canada.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These twelve countries signed the Washington Treaty on April 4, 1949 in which they committed themselves to a mutual defense pact (Cornish, 2004). The treaty bound the member states and an attack on any member was to evoke a response from all members. NATOs history can be divided into three distinct phases: the Cold War period, the decade following the end of the Cold War, and the current phase, which began with the terrorist attacks on the US on September 11, 2011. Cold War Era At the time of NATO’s formation, the Western Europe was a divided region still struggling to recover from the devastating effects of the just ended the World War II. While a Western European defense organization would have been preferred, the participation of the US was seen as crucial since it was the only country with enough military might to counter the USSR. Trachtenberg (1999) observes that this alliance was a long-term American commitment to Western Europe’s security. Over time, this treaty turned into an organization with a political council and regular meetings being held by the allied foreign and defense ministers. This transformation into a full-fledged organization increased the influence and strength of the Treaty. In its early years of existence, NATOs role was primarily to p revent an attack against the territory of its member countries by the formidable Soviet Union and her allies. Seroka (2007) best articulates this point by documenting that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was originally designed to deal with a primary threat from international communism on the European continent. West Germany joined NATO in 1955 and this strengthened the capability of the alliance in Europe since Germany had the manpower necessary to resist a conventional invasion by Soviet forces. This move precipitated the formation of the Warsaw Pact by the Soviet Union and her East European allies. The alliances nuclear capability provided by the United States, which served as deterrence, was the main tool used to prevent an attack from the Soviet Union. However, NATO also adopted a strategy of flexible response and envisaged the use of conventional warfare before engaging in a nuclear confrontation. Even so, Minuto-Rizzo (2007) reiterates that nuclear weapons were at the core of the alliances strategy and nuclear deterrence was the principle means of preventing a Soviet led attack on any of the member states. Since both sides (East and West Europe) knew the cost of a nuclear confrontation, the use of force to advance political aims was effectively excluded in the Cold War Europe.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on NATO: From Creation to Current Status specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Post – Cold War Period The end of the Cold War in 1989 was significant for NATO. Many political analysts forecasted that the alliance could be disbanded safely since the main aggressor in Europe had dissipated. In addition to this, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, which had been an alliance of East European nations formed to counter NATO, had already occurred. However, this did not happen since NATO member states did not want to get rid of the alliance because of the numerous advantages they were enjoying because of their cooperation. Minuto-Rizzo (2007) observes that the transatlantic framework that allowed all countries -big and small- to make their voices heard, to seek common solutions, and to train their forces together was too precious an asset to be squandered (p.3). Many member countries of the former Warsaw Pact also expressed interest in joining NATO in order to enjoy the advantages of the permanent transatlantic framework for consultation and cooperation. NATO, therefore, had to reorient itself to embrace the newly emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. NATO was able to develop new strategic concepts to incorporate new members and reorganize its military structures following the disappearance of the existential threat provided by the Soviet Union (Noetzel Schreer, 2009). It adopted a policy of partnership and opened its doors for new members from Central and Eastern Europe. The alliance also began to engage Russia: a move that was seen as integr al to realizing the goals of an undivided Europe. The creation of the Permanent Joint Council (PJC) in 1997 is the most visible indication of an attempt to formalize the relationship between NATO and Russia. Labarre (2001) affirms that the PJC gave Russia a voice in NATO for the first time in history. The post Cold War era also saw NATO for the first time in its history engaging in military action outside the territory of its member countries. This engagement came about because of the conflicts in the Balkans. NATO provided military support at the request of the United Nations and helped to pacify the Balkans. The alliance engaged in the deployment of peacekeeping forces in the region to sustain peace. Post 9/11 Era The third major phase in NATOs existence came about following the September 11 terrorist attacks. On September12, 2001, NATO invoked Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, which instructs that, An attack against one is an attack against all. Minuto-Rizzo (2007) observes tha t 9/11 made it clear to NATO allies that their major threats no longer emanated from Europe, as had been the case during the Cold War. The new threats came from outside the continent in the form of international terrorism, failing states, and the threat of weapons of mass destruction.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The realities of 9/11 demonstrated to NATO the weakness of the traditional geographical approach to security that had been utilized for decades. This security approach had been effective when the potential threat emanated from the Soviet Union. International terrorism could not be countered using the same strategy and NATO had to be prepared to engage enemy forces at their source. NATO Transformation Originally, a regional security pact designed to protect Western Europe from a Soviet threat, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has reinvented and transformed itself into an international security force with missions to combat international terrorism, prevent weapons proliferations, and provide for Europes security (Seroka, p.25). The last decade has seen a significant enhancement of NATOs military capabilities. The NATO Heads of State and Government summit in Prague, 2002, articulated the need for radical changes in the alliance’s military command structure. This military t ransformation begun with the establishment of one strategic command based in Europe to oversee all aspects of NATOs operations. Another strategic command base was established in the US to advance the military aspects of transformation. While NATO no longer faces the threat that led to its formation (the Soviet Union) it has continued to grow in the years following the collapse of the USSR. International terrorism has been the most significant issue addressed by NATO. Despite the fact that international terrorism does not present a strategic threat to NATO countries, it presents a real danger to security in the event that such elements could gain access to weapons of mass destruction. A significant change in NATOs strategic doctrine following the end of the Cold War has been a loss of influence by the United States. American dominance within NATO has been a reality since the beginning of the alliance. Noetzel and Schreer (2009) observe that the US set the terms of NATOs formation and the country continued to play a leading role in its institutional development. This has changed and member states of the alliance today are more vocal about their opposition to the US policies. This is evident from the stance taken by Germany and France concerning the war in Iraq. NATOs role has also expanded to include global interventionism. Wolff (2009) states that this radical change means that the alliance can be called upon to use its resources to maintain peace treaties or engage in combat to overthrow a government or hunt down terrorists. NATO Enlargement NATO has also pursued an aggressive policy of expansion over the last two decades. Enlargement serves the double purpose of strengthening European ties while at the same time broadening NATOs influence in the world. Enlargement of NATO is made possible by Article 10 of the Washington Treaty which allows for the admission of new members. According to Article 10, â€Å"any decision to invite a country to join the Alliance i s taken by the North Atlantic Council, NATOs principal decision-making body, on the basis of consensus among all Allies† (NATO, 2012). NATO membership has increased to 28 countries mostly because of the open door policy to European countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina are engaged in the Membership Action Plan, which is a precursor to attaining full membership, and can be expected to join the organization in the near future. NATOs expansion process has been very successful and it has achieved remarkable outcomes. Seroka (2007) suggests that the expansion has not jeopardized relations with Russia, nor led to the remilitarization of the continent or increased tensions between member states on the European continent. On the contrary, NATOs enlargement has led to modernization, standardization and increased the democratic control within the individual armed forces of its member states. The large-scale enlargement efforts of post Cold War NATO have turned the organization into an inclu sive European-wide organization committed to democracy and positioned to eliminate, almost entirely, the possibility of inter-state conflict within Europe. However, Russia has reacted angrily to NATOs post Cold War expansions that have been viewed as deliberate actions to increase the Western sphere of influence at Moscow’s expense (Goldgeier, 2009). Noetzel and Schreer (2009) note that article 10 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which limits new members to European territory places an important limitation on NATOs expansion (p.217). Because of this statute, the organization has been unable to accommodate willing partners from other continents. Seroka (2007) reveals that some of the allies led by the US hope to amend this in order to include members from all over the world and therefore guarantee NATO world-wide influence. These advocates see alliance with non-European democracies as crucial in a globalizing world. However, most members are concerned that such an expansion might dilute the alliances transatlantic character. NATO Issues Despite its significant successes, NATO has had some issues in the course of its existence. In its early years, the most serious crisis for NATO came in the form of Frances threat to withdraw from the Alliance. In March 1966, French President Charles de Gaulle announced that French forces would be withdrawn from the integrated military command of the NATO (Trachtenberg, 1999). This withdrawal was in retaliation to what was seen by Paris as an ever-growing dominance by the US within the organization (Noetzel Schreer, 2009). However, the ever-present threat of a Soviet attack prompted NATO members to resolve their conflicts and continue working together for a common defense. The internal cohesion of NATO has also been affected by the establishment of another security player in Europe. The European Defense and Security Policy (EDSP), which was created in 1999, undermined and threatened the future cohesion of NATO. While the ES DP was supposed to be complementary to NATOs capabilities, its objectives which are to provide military assistance to the EU states have undermined the importance of the Atlantic alliance. In response to the attractiveness of the ESDP, this body was incorporated into the larger framework of the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Some observers see the ESDP as a move by European nations to create a competing security apparatus and therefore re-nationalize their security by diminishing the US role in European security and defense affairs (Noetzel Schreer, 2009). The reactions by NATO following 9/11 were also divisive to its political cohesion. Following 9/11, the US pursued a more assertive stance on how NATO should be utilized to counter the new threats. To begin with, the US declared war on terrorism; a call that was supported by her NATO allies. While all the allies offered to support the US in its fight against international terrorism, the US admin istration chose not to give NATO a large role in the combat operation against the Taliban. Most European allies saw this as an indication that the US did not perceive the alliance to be of primary value in its efforts to shape the changing global security order (Noetzel Schreer, 2009). Another cause of contention in NATO was the US-led war against Iraq in 2003. From the onset, major European allies such as Germany and France opposed the war. However, the US went ahead and waged this controversial war. The political and military campaign against Saddam Hussein highlighted significant divisions between the US and some of her European allies. Cornish (2004) documents that those deep divisions almost led to the collapse of NATO. The Bush administration, which had called on the war against Saddam, was accused of using NATO as an instrument of US foreign policy. This is because the US expected uncritical political and military support for the invasion of Iraq from its allies. The allianc e also suffers from a lack of commitment by all the members to consign troops to dangerous missions. This is evident from the war in Afghanistan where the US maintains the largest contingent. Most NATO countries have been unable to achieve the political support needed to send their troops to fight the Taliban. Goldgeier (2009) states that this reality has led to a two-tiered alliance comprising of those who are willing to fight, and those who are not. The recent years have seen an increase in divergence of interests within the organization. This has led some commentators to predict that the alliance is on the path to disintegration and, ultimately, its failure (Noetzel Schreer, 2009). This bleak reality is not the only possible future of NATO and provided the key challenges that the alliance faces are addressed, the future of the alliance is guaranteed. Discussion and Conclusion NATO remains to be a unique and invaluable alliance that continues to function as a reliable tool for mu ltilateral military cooperation. The alliance is today engaged on several continents, under different capacities. This underscores the transformation that NATO has undergone since its formation in 1948. While some commentators argued that NATO had outlived its usefulness following the disappearance of the Soviet threat to Western Europe, the alliance has flourished and played a useful role in the past 2 decades. Most notably, it has countered ethnic abuses in the former Yugoslavia and is involved in efforts to counter Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan. This paper is set out to discuss NATOs progress from its formation to today. It began by providing the historical context that made NATO necessary. It then articulated the three distinctive phases in NATOs history, which are the Cold War era, the Post Cold War, and the Post 9/11. The paper has revealed how the changes in the security environment have obliged NATO to transform itself and engage actively well beyond the territories of i ts members. NATO has evolved from the defensive entity, it was and it finds itself increasingly acting as a proactive risk manager. This alliance of transatlantic countries originally built to counter Soviet attack still presents the best instrument for combating the threats of the 21st century. References Cornish, P. (2004). NATO: the practice and politics of transformation. International Affairs, 80(1), 63-74. Goldgeier, J. (2009). NATOs future: facing old divisions and new threats. Harvard International Review, 23(2), 48-51. Labarre, F. (2001). NATO-Russia relations and NATO enlargement in the Baltic Sea Region. Baltic Defense Review, 6(1), 46-69. Minuto-Rizzo, A. (2007). NATO’s Transformation and New Partnerships: The Mediterranean. Mediterranean Quarterly, 18(3), 1-13. NATO (2012). NATO enlargement. Retrieved from Noetzel, T., Schreer, B. (2009). Does a multi-tier NATO matter? The Atlantic alliance and the process o f strategic change. International Affairs, 85(2), 211–226. Seroka, J. (2007). Security considerations in the Western Balkans: NATOs evolution and expansion. East European Quarterly, 41(1), 25-38. Trachtenberg, M. (1999). A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement 1945-1963. Princeton University Press, 1999. Wolff, A. T. (2009). The structural and political crisis of NATO transformation. Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 7(4), 476492.